Participate on GOGO.MONSTER

Buy some GGM now ! There is 4 ways to participate / invest on GGM :
Buy GGM with BTC, buy GGM with TRX, exchange TRX with tronlink here, exchange TRX with tronlink/key/ledger on tronscan.
The firsts GGM token holder of 10,000 GGM or more will get a special gift on the platform when gogomonster will be released.

Method 2 - Exchange Bitcoin or Tron by sending to address

This method make the invest progress bars rising with a small delay after blockchain confirmation!
Bitcoin to GGM

Min. amount : 0.00005000 BTC
Tron to GGM

Min. amount : 10 TRX


Method 1 expired ! Only method 2 is still available.

Method 1 - Using Tronlink

This method make the invest progress bars rising almost instantly !
Use Tronlink directly on GoGoMonster

Min. amount : 1 TRX
Use Tronlink/Ledger or P.Key on Tronscan.org
Buy GGM with your TRX (on tronscan)
Min. amount : 0.1 TRX
GGM BTC rate
0.00000100 BTC = 1 GGM
GGM TRX rate
0.5 TRX = 1 GGM
Be aware that rates are indicative and may vary a little during any exchange. Exchange has no fees.


Check twice your address, deposit address & minimal amount !