Play games, Earn crypto

Play games, Earn crypto

The best area to play provably fair crypto games. Beat the monster and earn crypto coins.



All of our games are provably fair !

Some well known crypto games, some exclusive

Dice Game

Dice game

This is a well known game in crypto world. Play dice with a lot of features, not only "over or under", choose your range numbers ! Enjoy the advanced stats or automatic bets.

Crash Game

Crash game

This is an awesome game. You can win up to 100,000x your bet with this Crash Game ! Like Dice, you can play with all of our currencies.

Monkey Game

Monkey Game

No luck today? Try the monkey game... 90% chance to win. With this game, the chances are on your side but there is no automatic bet on this game !

Gorilla Game

Gorilla Game

Like the Monkey game, this game is playable with Tickets only. Only one will get the entire Gorilla Jackpot ! 5000 GGM are added on each win !


Select your range numbers !
Common dices games let you set only lower or higher than XXX... You can not set exactly the min and max values... except here !
You can set and slide the range numbers you want on each roll !

Autobet system will let you try multiple strategies to increase your winning chances in time.
There is multiple way to set the autobet system like : on win, on lose, on balance lower than, on balance higher than... You can also set some rolls limit...
To get a good game experience, we also let you the choice to display some animations or sound during the roll !
A simple history of your rolls is visible to let you see easily how luck you are... and do not worry, you can check the provably fair datas at every moment !
Manual bet is also easy, you can increase bet or chance by simple clicks and also with some keyboard shortcuts.

Dice Game is the famous gamble game in crypto world and you really should try this one as it's a really nice way to play game.

You can play to this game with the following coins : Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Tron TRX, Ethereum, GGM Token, Litecoin or USDT !

Dice Game Preview 1


Crash Game Preview 1

Win up to 100000x your bet !
This awesome game will give you the chance to win up to 100000 times your bet !!
Crash Game offer an autobet system like the Dice Game and almost all features that you could enjoy on Dice are also available on Crash !

The result is probably much pleasant to read as there is no range numbers or other fancy things... You just have to set your target and if the Crash roll reach it, it's a win !
In crypto gambling websites, you should always have a Crash Game ! It's a really fun game to play with... On the GOGOCRASH, you'll have all the "must-have" features to enjoy the crypto game as much as possible !

With a good game strategy, you could make some good profit with this game as the x100000 will increase your balance a lot ! But remember to play safety with low amounts until you are really sure of what you are doing. The result of this game could be up to 100000x but the "100000x" will be reached rarely when the 1.00x will be reach almost every times...

Same as Dice, this game is playable with the following currencies : BTC, DOGE, TRX, ETH, GGM, LTC & USDT !


The Monkey Game could be seen as a Crypto Slot Game.
If you are not lucky in games, you should try this one... Chances to win is about 90% !
You will win almost everytimes. As counterpart this game is slowered so you can not play this game in a really fast way.

It's a pretty simple game, you just need to roll and if the result is over 099, it's a win !
The win table give you a reward between 0.1 GGM to 5 GGM depending the rolled number.

As some slot games offer multiple lines and a hardly visible wins, this game contain only one line and the 3 digits displayed form a number, which is the result.
000 will be a lose when the maximum reachable number, 999, will give you the max winable amount of this game. In fact, the max win, 5 GGM, will be won from 990 to 999.
Are you ready to try your luck on this Slot Game?

Provably fair datas are shown on each roll and you can set your client seed as yo wish.

This game is only playable with GoGo Ticket(s) and you will get GGM Token on each win.

Monkey Game Preview 1


Gorilla Game Preview 1

Gorilla Game, also named GOGORILLA is a Crypto Jackpot Game.
Every people can play from 1 to 10000 gogo ticket(s) to this game and only one ticket will win.

It's also a provably fair game but in this game, the server seed is common to everyone; but it still use your client seed and a common nonce to generate the result.
On every win, the house will add 5000 GGM to the new Jackpot Balance and on every ticket spent on the game, the Jackpot Balance increase.

It could be the most lucrative game as you can win a really high amount of GGM with some gogotickets.
The Jackpot balance is unique, so all players will help to increase this amount. So more players spent tickets on it, bigger you can win !
In short, this game got a low winning chance but you will win a lot !
A good strategy could be to wait a long time, until the amount is really big but... do not wait too long or another player will win the price!

This game is only playable with GoGo Ticket(s) and you will get GGM Token on win.


Earn some Tickets that will let you play games, like the GoGoMonkey or GoGoRilla.




Get some tickets by doing some simple tasks, like adding your email !




Get some tickets by completing some offer or survey.



Ticket distributor

Fidelity is the key ! Get some tickets every day !

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Game Compare

Comparing games in theory is one thing... but you are better to try them !

  • Dice Game
  • Provably fair game
  • Bitcoin & altcoins
  • Autobet available
  • x9,900 Max profit
  • Advanced stats and chart
  • 10/10

  • Crash Game
  • Provably fair game
  • Bitcoin & altcoins
  • Autobet available
  • x100,000 Max profit
  • Advanced stats and chart
  • 9/10

  • Monkey Game
  • Provably fair game
  • 1 Ticket per bet
  • Autobet not available
  • 5 GGM Max profit
  • 90% chance to win
  • 8/10

  • Gorilla Game
  • Provably fair game
  • Up to 10,000 Tickets per bet
  • Autobet not available
  • Unlimited GGM Max profit
  • Big reward
  • 8/10


GGM Token

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By the way, be sure you own the private key of your TRON Wallet.

Do not worry, if you do not have any TRON Wallet, you can create a wallet on the website.


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